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Monica Paslaru


Since childhood I have been interested in healing and helping people – but life initially took me on a different path.


In 2005 I graduated from University with a degree in Biotechnology. I had trained in massage during my time in Uni to generate an income to support my studies, but I initially went on to other careers in the corporate world. I have worked in IT, Real Estate and Banking. However, every single job left me feeling like something was still missing. 

My interest in human well-being led me to leave the banking job in 2017 to set up my own full-time business as a Wellbeing Therapist and it is from here that I have progressed to my current level of training, knowledge and experience. My area of special interest is helping people who have experienced anxiety, trauma and panic disorders.


Between running two clinics from Essex and Central London, I have also started to teach private workshops and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge with my students. I then had the opportunity to teach with Gateway Workshops in Central London and I was extremely happy to be able to share my skills and attention on a larger scale. 

My passion for Massage has motivated me to create Signature Massages and has taken me travelling across Europe to participate at Massage Championships such as the Worldwide Massage Championship and the National Massage Championship where I achieved 3 Gold Medals in Freestyle Lomi Lomi Massage and Spa/Wellness 2 years in a row and 1 Silver Medal in Thai Floor Massage (Easter Category).

I have also had the privilege of serving as a Judge at various International and UK National Massage Championships for several years running, including being re-invited as the Head Judge at the upcoming UK National Massage Championships in October.

Throughout my many years of teaching, I’ve educated and supported thousands of Therapists in their holistic journeys.

More recently, I have been awarded the "Tutor of the Year" 2022 Excellence Awards with FHT and I want to thank all my wonderful students for believing in me and choosing me again and again. I’ve made it my personal mission to help as many Therapists as possible to achieve their dreams and goals and to feel more confident in their practice.

I created the Nurture Touch courses with the holistic approach in mind, understanding that massage is not just about soothing sore muscles; it's about addressing the root of the problem. That's why our bespoke accredited courses go beyond the physical aspects of massage and delve into deeper emotional levels. I believe that our clients' physical symptoms are often tied to stress or emotional trauma, and by addressing these underlying issues, we can provide a truly holistic healing experience.


The Nurture Touch brand has developed bespoke courses that are sure to elevate your services and give you an edge in the industry and you can be confident that you're offering a service that truly cares for your clients' well-being.



Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)



UK National Massage Championship 2023



Emotional Trauma Release



"Monica is by far the best teacher and person I've met so far. "

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