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With a focus on providing the highest level of care for our valued students, we strive to consistently deliver the best of the best in the world of massage we put together a list of recommendations of products and services, which boast exceptional quality and great customer service.


Our recommended mobile massage platform for Massage Therapists

Urban, Europe's top on-demand wellness platform is a one-stop shop for quality wellness treatments, delivered right to your clients' doorstep.They connect independent practitioners like you with clients seeking top-notch treatments in the convenience of their homes or offices.


Why join Urban?

·         Flexibility and freedom: Choose your own hours and workdays - use as a lucrative side hustle or full time gig

·         Hassle-free bookings: They handle all the marketing and scheduling

·         Generous earnings: Keep 70%+ of the total fee for each treatment

·         Be part of something bigger: Join a thriving community of like-minded professionals

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Your one stop shop for Portable Massage Beds, Hydraulic & Electric Treatment Tables and Massage Accessories


There are 3 types of massage table on the market. Budget grade (under £100) which we do not sell as they are very poor quality. Entry level, priced between £120-£2000 are good value for money and finally professional grade massage tables which are priced over £230+ and are very high quality. Because of our high quality, for your peace of mind we are able to offer a 10 year repair or replace guarantee on select portable massage tables.

Use the CODE elementalmassage at checkout to enjoy 10% off your order.

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We believe this is the best range of massage products available with 100% natural ingredients

Songbird Massage Waxes, Reflexology Waxes, Myofascial Release Waxes, Liquiwaxes® and Balms combine a unique blend of beeswax (or beeswax free for our vegan wax alternatives) and 100% natural ingredients. Our waxes provide a supreme massage experience both for the therapist and the client. Presenting as a semi-solid formula which immediately melts onto the skin, our waxes and balms provide a massage medium that delivers control, smoothness and a perfect finish. Our aim is to provide the perfect grip, giving the best control for massage and bodywork, with no spills, no mess, no waste.

Use the code 'elementalmassage10' at checkout to enjoy 10% off your first order.



Your one stop shop for dynamic cupping and scraping therapy 

Standard cupping involves heating a cup and placing it on the body. As the air within the cup cools it creates a vacuum causing your skin to rise and blood to rise to the skin surface.


Dynamic cupping involves electronic suction creating a more powerful suction whilst giving you the option to interchange between suction and release. This simulates myofascial release by stretching and then releasing your muscle tissue like a massage to relieve tension and stress, so you can move better.

Achedaway comes with red light therapy to enhance your cupping experience. Red light has multiple benefits including improving cell function and repair. It is also known to reduce inflammation, improve skin health, decrease pain and speed up healing.

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