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Lincoln,UK  21-24 April 2023 
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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (Foundation Level) Training Retreat

Aloha! This is a special opportunity to experience and learn the rare and sacred wisdom of the Hawaiian principles of Aloha and Pono through bodywork, gentle movement, breath work, sound healing and chanting. We will connect with our intuition and innate wisdom, remembering who we truly are at our core. Come home to yourself, deepen your connection with nature, and experience the beauty, peace and love that reside within you.

Retreat Price Info


*includes Training, Accommodation, Supplies and meals during the Retreat.


The full balance of £1050 GBP to be submitted with your Application.
Klarna payment plans are available so you could pay in instalments.

Other Payments methods: Payapal, Visa, MasterCard or Bank Transfer.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

What will you learn on the retreat 

On this retreat, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with the ancient wisdom that is present within your own cells. Too often, we are taught to privilege the mind over the body and to trust conceptual knowledge over our own innate wisdom. This retreat will offer you a chance to shift your perspective and make contact with a deeper intelligence that emerges from our embodied experience.


Through a series of somatic exercises and Temple Style Lomi Lomi bodywork practices, we will help you to bring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects into coherence. In this state of resonance, we will be able to approach the bodywork of Ancient Lomi Lomi—or The Pathway to The Stars—from a place of greater clarity and understanding. By reconnecting with the wisdom of the body, we can access a deeper level of understanding and connection with Life itself.

The coursework is designed to be spiral and non-linear, allowing students to review material as they progress through the program. This approach allows for spontaneous discussions, individual expression, and specialised learning. Throughout the day, students give and receive massage to each other, reviewing strokes previously learnt as well as learning new strokes. This hands-on approach is repeated daily until all back and front strokes have been mastered. Students are encouraged to absorb the massage skills and techniques through practical application – touch, feel, movement, and sensation in the body. In the true Spirit of Aloha, students learn to work together in a loving, caring, kind, relaxed, open, co-operative and forgiving environment for the sustained benefit of all. 

The Four Major Topics covered in the syllabus work together, influencing one another in a seamless and spiralling progression to facilitate increasing self-development, depth of understanding, technical skill, and inner expression. Synthesizing ancient with modern, this Practitioner Training is a realistic and practical interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii.

1. The first Major Topic, Spiritual Foundations, provides a comprehensive survey of the native Hawaiian spiritual tradition including an exploration of the four major guiding principles or pillars central to this tradition: aloha (love), kuleana (responsibility), lokahi (unity), and pono (harmony/balance).

2. The second Major Topic, Energy Anatomy & Physiology, presents Western scientific explanations for the phenomena that are integral to energy-based bodywork modalities like Hawaii Massage. It covers such topics as the electrical nature of the body, the energy field surrounding the body (aura), the development off self-awareness and overcoming obstacles to learning and empowerment, discovering the healing power of Aloha, forgiveness, surrender and co-operation, integrating Hawaiian wisdom into lifestyle, deepening sensitivity, intuition and self-confidence.

3. The third Major Topic, Lomilomi Massage Theory & History, offers students a detailed overview of the theory and history behind this unique form of massage. It includes information on the various styles of Lomilomi practiced in Hawaii today as well as an exploration of its roots in Polynesian healing traditions.

4. The fourth and final Major Topic, Practical Applications, provides students with opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through hands-on learning experiences. Students will have ample opportunity to give and receive Lomilomi massages under the guidance of experienced Tutors. By the end of the course, students will have acquired the skills necessary to perform a basic Lomilomi massage.


This course is designed for students of all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner who wants to do some self healing or use massage to help your friends and family, or an experienced therapist looking to expand your skillset, this course has something to offer you. To avoid any confusion, this program is the Foundations of Lomi Lomi however, because of how thorough the curriculum is, in the UK the industry have accredited the program to a Level 3 certificate (accredited by ThinkTree), ensuring that you will receive the highest quality education possible. Essentially, this is your very first Foundations in Lomi Lomi Massage that will allow you to embark onto more advanced Lomi Lomi Trainings in the future. 

In addition, our beginner students have the option to upgrade their certificate to Practitioner level by taking our Anatomy and Physiology course (additional charges apply). If you are interested in learning more about this option, please ask for more information.

Beginners - receive a Certificate of Attendance - can use skills on family or friends 

Qualified Massage Therapists - receive a Level 3 Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner Diploma accredited by ThinkTree Hub

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Upon completion of the Level 3 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Training, you are invited to attend Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Training which offers graduates the opportunity to review course material and learn new and advanced massage skills. This training is designed for those who wish to take their skills to deeper and more adventurous levels, and it can help practitioners to further their activity in the massage industry.

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About your Tutor

Monica Paslaru

Monica is a highly gifted Massage Therapist, Tutor and Spiritual Guide. For many years she has been perfecting the ancient art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, under the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawa'i. Monica is also a certified Craniosacral Therapist, and uses this powerful modality to help clients reach new levels of awareness and consciousness. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, in the hope that they too can experience the profound transformative power of these modalities. If you are seeking to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you, Monica Paslaru is an excellent guide on your journey of discovery.

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Retreat Details

We will begin on Friday, April 21, 2023, 09:30a.m*.
*Please arrive at the Facility by 9a.m. to complete Registration and settle into your room.
We will finish on Monday, April 24, 2023, at approximately 5.30pm.

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What's Included


Not Included



• All course activities and Certification

• 4 day / 3 night Retreat Shared Accommodation
• Vegan/Vegetarian meals from the land prepared by a first class Chef as follows: 3x Breakfast, 4x lunch and 3x dinner

• On-site parking

• Travel to and from the venue
• Airport transfers to and from the Retreat Facility if travelling from abroad

• Travel & Health Insurance

• Meals not mentioned
• Alcoholic drinks

• Tips & Gratuities

• Spa treatments such as massages

The Vedanta, Lincoln

Hidden away in the heart of Lincolnshire lies the entrance to another world. Scented-breezes, swaying trees and birdsong greet the visitor as they are ushered into the serenity of the surroundings – a place where heart and soul are given full permission to just be.

Getting there​


The closest station is Lincoln Station (10 min drive from The Vedanta), which is approximately a 2.5-hour journey from Kings Cross and Birmingham New Street.

There is free parking on-site for 45 cars.

  • Birmingham Airport is located 80 miles west of Lincoln, one hour 45 minutes by road. Among other destinations, Birmingham Airport has good connections to Iceland, Ireland, and the USA.

  • Humberside International Airport is located 30 miles northeast of Lincoln just 45 minutes by road. Among other destinations, Humberside International Airport has good connections to Aberdeen and Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport.

  • East Midlands Airport is located 50 miles southwest of Lincoln just 75 minutes by road. Among other destinations, East Midlands Airport has good connections to Barcelona, Belfast, Brussels and Frankfurt.

We strongly recommend arriving the night before and stay into a B&B in the area, here's some suggestions:


When we live in Aloha and Pono, we are in harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural world around us. We are able to see the beauty and wonder in all things, we rise above judgment, and focus on what truly matters.


The Aloha spirit is alive and well within each one of us - it is the very foundation of our being. Pono means to live in harmony with all of creation - to be in right relationship with everything and everyone around us.


This powerful Hawaiian spiritual practice can help us to remember who we really are and why we are here. It is a gift from the heart of Hawaii that can heal our individual lives and our world. Mahalo nui loa for this very special opportunity! 

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No

Come and experience a profound shift in perspective that will bring you into deeper contact with Life and awaken a Source of Intelligence that emerges naturally from our embodied experience. Welcome home.

What Our Students Say

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"Honestly, thank you. It's rare to meet such a bonded group in a short amount of time and I have been on a few trainings before. So happy to find a tribe with you magical beings."
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